Hi! Welcome the The Slice Above.

My name is Richard. I love food and I love cooking – I’m also a pretty big fan of pizza. I created The Slice Above as a way to share this passion with you!

As a home-cook, I started out by cooking meals to impress my girlfriend, now soon to be wife! Laura. We love spending time in the kitchen together and trying out new recipes. I like thinking a little outside the box and trying my own ideas. She can be a little more hesitant – “You want to add WHAT?!” But always loves how it turns out, or at least that what she tells me!

Just to be sure she wasn’t being too nice, I had to test out some of my ideas on others. I started out making my homemade burgers for summer BBQs to rave reviews from friends, and that’s when I first thought about getting more serious about sharing my recipes.

Fast forward a little bit and here we are.
I was inspired to create The Slice Above by the idea of creating ultimate pizzas. Not with just your typical toppings, but taking inspiration from other delicious meals.

Pizza fusion!

Like my Shepherd’s Pie Pizza (the first recipe I created for this website!), a fusion between Shepherd’s Pie and deep dish pizza. Or the Holiday Leftovers Pizza, where we take the best of Thanksgiving leftovers – a crust made out of stuffing? Yes please!

I probably shouldn’t eat pizza for every meal (as glorious as that would be!) – so I cook lots of other delicious meals too.  And I’m just as excited to share all those recipes with you.

This blog is for those who want to cook with big, bold flavours. Those wanting to experiment, maybe try something a little unusual. And of course, for pizza-lovers!

Join us!

Please join us and follow our journey to creating the best collection of epic pizza recipes! In addition to whatever else we might make along the way.

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Founder of The Slice Above and the creator of its recipes.

Official taste-tester. Lover of potatoes.
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In charge of keeping the floors squeaky clean.
Eternally willing to test any (dog-safe) recipe.